Gregory Blair is an award-winning actor, writer, director and producer.

As an actor, Gregory has graced the stage (Sylvia, Working, Six Degrees of Separation, etc.) the big screen (Fang, Garden Party Massacre, etc.), and the small screen (Escape the Night, Love That Girl!, etc.).

Gregory’s writing has been represented on stage (Cold Lang Syne, The Last Banana and Nicholas Nickleby), in prose such as The Ritual, Little Shivers and the Stonewall Award winning Spewing Pulp and in films including the screenplays for Deadly Revisions, Garden Party Massacre and the story for Heretiks.

Gregory won the EOTM Award for “Best Director of an Indie Horror Film”, the Claw Award for “Best Screenplay” and the Flicker Award for “Best Picture”—all for Deadly Revisions—as well as handfuls of awards for Garden Party Massacre, including “Best Feature” from the Fantastic Horror Film Festival and “Best Director of the Year” from the Southern Sykos Film Festival. He is also the proud recipient of the 2017 Phil Tucker Spirit Award and a 2019 "Best Actor" award for his iconic work in "Fang".

Gregory loves to teach as well as  entertain, so he also provides writing consulting and enjoys being a guest speaker at learning events.  In everything he does, Gregory's goal is to entertain and enlighten people to make the world a little bit better for his having been here.